Wednesday, July 18, 2007

About my books

My Chapbook, On God's Doorstep, a season of Saturday mornings at the Madonna Della Strada Chapel Terrace, Loyola University Lakeshore Campus is now available for sale at: This is a collection of poetry and photography about a very beautiful place, and not the religious work the title may imply. A postcard from a place of beauty and serenity, so to speak. It took a year to write the poetry, and nearly another year and a half to get the photography and publishing work ready for print. All photography is unenhanced, and was taken with a very inexpensive toy 35mm film camera, and yet turned out stunningly beautiful.

Additionally, I have released two titles, The Poetry Baker's Dozen, a collection of thirteen poems that explore different areas of life, and In Season, a collection of 84 poems of Winter and the holiday season, including poetry for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. In Season in particular is a great value, and by far contains the most poetry for the money of any of my published collections in the spirit of giving that belongs to the holidays. It includes poetry about the spirit of the holidays, the beauty of the Winter season, and poetic holiday fantasies that are both heart-warming and in some cases humorous. Additionally for those of you who love being by the water, The Beach Poems contains poems about life at the edge of sand and surf.

** Just released 09/29/2004, Ghosts of the Fall is a collection of 54 poems about the feel and look of the Fall season, Halloween, and more.
The stunning cover photos were taken right here in Plainfield.
Catch the Fall spirit with Ghosts of the Fall!**

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