Friday, March 28, 2008

Sisters of the Heart

Sisters of the Heart

We are sisters of the heart
More than siblings of the flesh
We're two hearts one spirit
An intricate delicate mesh

We laugh and we cry
We fight and we sing
We love and we hate
But always we know one thing

Deep down inside
Where no others can see
We're never alone
There's my sister and me

We're two of a kind
Two souls woven in love
To comfort one another
Sent from God above

And if the time come
One of us must leave
Must return to God
Oh sister do not grieve

Our bond will not be broken
Though separation hurts so much
We'll still be sisters of the heart
Still keep in touch

We'll be whispers in the wind
Sunbeams dancing in our hair
A twinkle in each others eye
With each other everywhere

We'll always be together
No matter what befall
Not even death can silence
Sisters of the heart after all!

© Russ Pergram

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Notes From March PLP At The Green Leaf...

Live music & poetry intermixed - not bad. Russ Pergram & I spent a good bit of time discussing writing in general, some specific points of technique on punctuation, and writing projects each of us are working on.

That's one of the fun things about the smaller readings like the Green Leaf PLP day often is. With less people than the large shows, we can have more interactive discussion mixed in with the poetry, and keep it less formalized and rigid. If you get thirty or forty poets in to read, you have to be tight on time limits and just read on and on, with not much chance to break it up.

Not that the bigger readings aren't good or appreciated - they are. They are just a different thing altogether. It's like apples and pears. They're both sweet and come from trees, often with green skins, but they taste different. This is why I keep on, reading.

Toward the end of the afternoon, we were talking to Shannon Prahl, one of the two sisters that own the Green Leaf Coffee House, our kind and wonderful host. (Jillmarie is the other sister.)

They have a lovely pair of pictures up on the wall from when they were little girls. One is clearly from Summer, one from Fall. Russ and I decided to write a poem about each of the pictures. Russ is doing Summer, I am doing Fall. I took a phone-cam picture of the two large photos on the wall and e-mailed them home for the two of us to work with. Below is my effort. I'll post Russ's work here when he has it ready. (And after he e-mails it to me.)

Thanks for reading, and Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Green Leaf Gals Fall...


Steps and stairs,
A house number by heart,
Cool breath,
Miss you, puppy dog.

So long...

Leaves out of sight,
Never out of mind,
All about the yard,
Were in neat piles raked.

Sign of a season...

A cameo moment,
Camera-captured forever,
"Who, me?"
"Not I wags the dog."

A smile and whistle for such innocence...

Scattered gold and brown,
Wind-blown in their time,
Rustles and frost long faded,
Like clouds in the sky.

They remember the leaves even still.


By: Daniel A. Stafford - poem, Prahl family photo.
© 03/15/2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March PLP Reading at Green Leaf Coffee House

PLP Reading at Green Leaf Coffee House

March poetry : open mike - Green Leaf Coffee House Poetry Circle

The afternoon will start of with a poetry open mike and / or poetry and writing discussion, and end with co-writing a poem for December.

Date: Saturday March 15, 2007

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Repeats: This event repeats every month on the third Saturday.


Green Leaf Coffee House, 2400 S. Eola Road, Suite G Aurora, IL

Poetry readings will ORDINARILY be held the Third Saturday of the month from 1pm to 4pm at:

Green Leaf Coffee House(located in Sun Plaza)
2400 S. Eola Road, Suite G
Aurora, IL 60504

Attendance is free of charge and all poets and spoken-word artists are welcome to read.

Contact Dan Stafford at or 815-483-8878 or Jillmarie at Green Leaf Coffee House (

Sun Plaza is located on the far Southwestern portion of Eola Road about two miles before it intersects US Hwy 30.

Please forward this message to anyone you feel may be interested in reading or attending.