Friday, March 28, 2008

Sisters of the Heart

Sisters of the Heart

We are sisters of the heart
More than siblings of the flesh
We're two hearts one spirit
An intricate delicate mesh

We laugh and we cry
We fight and we sing
We love and we hate
But always we know one thing

Deep down inside
Where no others can see
We're never alone
There's my sister and me

We're two of a kind
Two souls woven in love
To comfort one another
Sent from God above

And if the time come
One of us must leave
Must return to God
Oh sister do not grieve

Our bond will not be broken
Though separation hurts so much
We'll still be sisters of the heart
Still keep in touch

We'll be whispers in the wind
Sunbeams dancing in our hair
A twinkle in each others eye
With each other everywhere

We'll always be together
No matter what befall
Not even death can silence
Sisters of the heart after all!

© Russ Pergram

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