Friday, August 31, 2007

New novel in the works - The Grymwyre of Atlantean Spells

I had to give this story its own blog due to podcast requirements - but parts one and two are out there now in either text or mp3 audio. (The audio links are in the title lines.)

Once I finish the book of the first spell completely, it'll go up on - I have the cover art and everything already in mind. It's just a matter of putting in the time to finish the writing.

If you know anyone that enjoys fantasy fiction, please don't hesitate to send this on.

*Note: This is the opening chapter, in part, of a full-length fiction novel I will be writing. The Grymwyre of Atlantean Spells will consist of a series of spells followed by a short story of its usage. This novel will set the stage for a series of fantasy novels set in various time periods. I will be blogging and podcasting teasers at
- with for-sale e-book, print book, and audio book versions available at - I will sell each chapter as it is completed at a low cost and then the full novel once complete.*

The first spell is entitled The Blood Rose of Atlantis and features the prehistory of Vampires - in Atlantis, of course!

The podcast feed URL is

You should be able to search the podcast if you have iTunes or any podcast player software.

Hope all of you are doing great!!


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