Monday, December 15, 2008



I'm doing Twitter - - which is like a vast, interconnected multi-user blog that only allows posts of at max 140 characters. I'm planning on trying to do poetic tweets, which are poetry Twitter posts (Poetweets is my made-up label for it) as a kind of new-fangled internet-age haiku. Instead of syllabic rules, the only rule is 140 characters max. Here's my 1st shot:

"The winds are cold and the Moon is full, the times as interesting and sharp as diamonds. Cut or glitter, it'll hook you hard. Live harder."

Poetweet: Sun over frigid, Mind over monstrous, Love over lie, Never ever forgo Endeavor, Clocks can't be beat, No chance for retreat, Love.

Poetweet: Mangled mangoes of uncertain origins tangled tangles - wicked flies, walked 2 Wall Street - everyone was wearing a funky disguise.

Poetweet: Living inside my head, a lot of depth with shallow waves. Walk outside and breathe the air, easy on the lungs, hard on the heart.

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