Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally I Can Post here Again!

I've been unable to post to this site since some changes my ISP made in mid-January. I just got that fixed today.

Things are a bit rough for me right now. I broke my ankle in three places shoveling snow in late February. I'm still looking at anoth 6 & 1/2 weeks on crutches with no weight bearing on my ankle. After that, it's only gradually adding weight.

I've been allowed to use vacation time to cover the last three weeks, plus one more. After that I'll have to go back to work while still on crutches for five weeks. I'll be on desk-only duty during that time.

It'll be some time in the fall before I get to go back to karate. That part is really hard.

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying our early spring weather.

All the best,


Words are the mind's bridge - its connection to all the universe.
Love is the heart's bridge - its connection to all other souls.
Loving words can work miracles.

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