Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When Summer Comes...

When Summer Comes...  Sun shining brilliant of diamond clarity, On grasses and trees a sea of green, The Rock of my youth turned way up, Windows down on the highway and wind in my hair, Memories of Summer nights dancing noon 'til two, Walking home miles along the river  by starlight, Plastered and exhausted and impatient for another night, Raw motion emotion and music saturated, Wild and light on my feet as lightning, The river still runs there where the festival comes, The night clubs burned down or deserted, Memories of an era of incessant motion, When Rock County was the ruler of dance, Miles by scores and centuries in every golden direction.  AquarianM  By: Daniel A. Stafford (C) 05/19/2009   Words are the mind's bridge - its connection to all the universe. Love is the heart's bridge - its connection to all other souls. Loving words can work miracles. .    

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