Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gonna Give Rosie A Ring...

Gonna Give Rosie A Ring...


Sweet mornin' glowing bright and true,
Gonna give Rosie a ring,
Sweet-playing thang,
Gonna give Rosie a ring.

If the day comes when I'm feelin' down n' blue,
Gonna give Rosie a ring,
All six strings,
Give Rosie a ring.

Playin' true in the morning,
Strummin' happy by evenin',
Even if I can barely sing,
Just gonna give Rosie a ring.

Someday I'll play so fine,
Happy up on cloud nine,
All because I gave Rosie a ring,
Sweet-playin' thang,
Just gonna give Rosie a ring.

And when Heaven calls,
Won't need no harp in the Angel halls,
Just gonna give - give Rosie a ring,
Lord, let me give Rosie a ring.

Give Rosie a ring.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 08/29/2009

Author's Comments

I can hear this in a late 50's style, no distortion, kind of clear and bright chord strumming. Some day I'll be able to play it. As you know, Rosie is my Strat - so when I play her, I call it "giving Rosie a ring." The cloud 9 reference is because our new digs are on the 9th floor, so I call the place Cloud 9.

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