Saturday, October 10, 2009

Walking The Labyrinth...

Saren & I went for an Autumn afternoon visit to Quest book store at the American Theosophical Society headquarters in Wheaton just a bit ago.

I picked up the September & October issues of Mindful Metropolis, the Soul-Heir to our vanished Conscious Choice magazine.

After finishing at the bookstore, we got outside among the giant old trees just turning for Fall. There are huge old Sumac there too. As we were walking to the large labyrinth to walk the spirals in the chill air, I was carrying my cherry-trunk walking staff; the one that I'd burnt the entire Oagham alphabet in with a magnifying glass, seven feet tall.

I caught the unmistakable scent of beeswax on the breeze. Sure enough, the bee keeper was working the hive, harvesting combs I think.

The sky was steely grey and a soft ceiling over us as we walked the paving stones, silent in meditation except for feet on gravel.

Now we're indoors with hot chocolate, Duffy, Norah Jones, Van Morrison, ad other wonderfully mellow songs playing.

What a wonderful, cold, colorful, cocooned day.


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