Monday, November 7, 2022

100 Words On What My Vision Of What The Well-Paid Copywriter's Life Looks Like To Me...

 At this moment, I'm not entirely sure what my "writer's life" looks like, but I have a very good idea of what it doesn't look like. It does not include being "on call," and it definitely doesn't include working holidays, or after 10:00 PM.

I do see my writer's life including being dedicated to delivering top-quality copy to my clients, and being able to do so from anywhere with a quiet space and a solid Internet connection.

I also envision not having to be worried about whether I can afford to pay the bills in any given month. I expect to be fairly compensated for my time and skills.

I also like the idea of researching many different industries in order to help my clients succeed. I love, love, love learning new things, especially science and technology.

I also suspect holidays will be a lot more fun, as I won't be working then.

Last, and definitely not least, I would love to be helping local businesses and charities succeed and help the local community be more prosperous and happy.

Ok, that's more than a hundred words, but it gets across what I'm currently seeing from the outside. Maybe from the inside a bit as well.



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