Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Turned In My First AWAI Copywriting Assignment And Learned A Few Things About Copywriting Today...

 I turned in the exercise from Lesson One today and got some great feedback.

First, the content was great, and beyond what they usually receive. 

Second, I need to use a simple font like Calibri or Helvetica. (I chose Calibri)

Third, I need to keep my paragraphs to three lines or less.

Fourth, I need to make sure that LibreOffice is set to use single space for everything, because ad copy needs to be kept very tight due to space constraints online. (Especially given how much traffic comes in from mobile devices now.)

Beyond the assignment, I learned that good copy has a strong call to action, and that there are four stages to a copy campaign:

  • Awareness (Make Prospective Customers aware of the product or brand and call to learn more)
  • Prepare for sale (Educate Prospects on the benefits of the product and call to action)
  • Actual Sale (Copy for the sales cart or checkout)
  • Retention (Keep the Customer satisfied and returning for repeat sales)
This is the core of good ad copy. Everything else is really about how to achieve these goals.

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