Thursday, November 26, 2009



Somehow some way gonna push a little love around,
Like donating chi in Chinatown,
Nothing too much for a greasy spoon,
Or a footstep on the Moon,
One small step Mankind,
But that's how we can truly fly,
In the split between heart beat and sigh,
No more need to wonder why,
It's all about silken dreams,
So it seems,
But I know there's more to life than that,
Tucked up somewhere under my hat,
Just a few night-jeweled words are all it takes,
But they can't be fakes,
Let the waters pour forth and rush around,
All over you,
All over town,
Around the Earth abound,
For Heaven's sake don't be late,
Out the starting gate,
It's your fate,
A little love lot of energy,
Silly me,
But I try,
No wonder why,
Never lie,
Not on this,
Never crush one another's bliss,
If it comes to this,
Then simply speak,
Words of gold is what we seek,
One and all,
Before we fall,
Hear the call,
So tell me true,
What is blue,
Just lack of the spark,
A place out in the dark,
Wouldn't be,
Just for want of a little free energy,
Will you be,
Kind to you and kind to me,
So you see,
It's all a tree,
Branches high and roots below,
We all know,
Love makes it grow,
Even after snow.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 11/26/2009

Happy, grateful, loving Thanksgiving to you All.


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